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Twinfo – Support for parents of twins and triplets

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An online community for parents of multiples

Giving birth is naturally a little scary and suddenly your world is turned upside down with the news that you are having twins or triplets. Whilst your happiness has doubled or tripled, so has your concern, fear and anxiety.  I know this, as I am a twin mum myself.

Raising multiple children simultaneously in a world designed for singletons is hard.  Twinfo helps multiple birth parents overcome the unique challenges associated with raising twins and higher order multiples.  It bridges the gap between service providers and parents.


Twinfo exists to educate, inform and support multiple birth families.


We provide you with information and resources to help ease the natural anxiety that is part of multiple births and through our partners, resources and community we will help you to be reassured, informed, empowered and ready to give birth to your beautiful babies.

We will then support you following birth, as your children grow and your family’s need changes we will be there offering the same level of quality connections, information and resources.

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