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Aussie Allergy Mum

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You are an allergy mum looking for support. Advice and knowledge from people who actually get the journey you are on.

You feel like you are in the trenches, moving day-to-day navigating the new world of allergies, surrounded by people who really do not get it!

You used to kinda like to cook, but now the restrictions, and packet reading and worrying mean that the kitchen is now a place that you dread, feel chained too, and are never inspired in.

When it comes to your child’s safety, you are the linch-pin. No one else seems to really understand how serious the situation is, and they certainly don’t warrant trusting when it comes to feeding your child.

You lay awake at night worrying about the future, overthinking every food, wondering how you can better advocate for your child, so they are safe but also included.

You know the world can be cruel, and you wish it wasn’t that way, but you know that your job is to raise an allergy child that is confident and capable to navigate their life safely.

Well lovely lady, you have come to the right place.

See I am you!

An allergy mum, navigating this life day-by-day.

And after 6 years, lots of study, and a barrage of experience, I know I can support you, and provide you with the knowledge you need to move through the overwhelm of allergies and feel in control of feeding and caring for your child.

Aussie Allergy Mum is dedicated to providing accurate allergy information and compassionate support so that you can keep your kid safe but also allow them to experience the possibilities of life. So let’s get started hey!

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