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Welcome to our Community here at Family Health Hub! I’m so glad you found us.

I am interested in all things about health and the human body, and I want to empower you with knowledge to help you make the right choices about your health and that of your family.
I am Mum to two amazing boys of primary school age. And I have been a researcher in medical science for 20 years.

Most of my adult life my friends have all been scientists. But in the the last few years, as I’ve met more and more people through school and other walks of life, I have come to realise that not everyone has the basic understanding of how the body works, like I do. I did study it in depth for my whole career after all!

I want to help other Mums to navigate the complexities of health and medical information they come across in their lives, and just make it much more simple for them to get access to better health resources.

As Mums, a lot of us juggling home and work also, we are just so busy all the time. I hope I can take some pressure off by doing the background research for you and providing you with easy-to-read information and practical resources.

Lowenna xx